Friday, October 30, 2015

An unexpected addition from the LCS and an addition to the Top 100

I stopped in at Don's Sportcards here in Anchorage last week.  My wife was picking up my son so I was kid free and decided to just pop in to Don's to see if there was anything interesting and to pick up a couple boxes for a couple sets I was putting together.  Don has a great feature in his shop called the drop board.  It's a huge section of wall with peg board and hooks and he hangs a bunch of cards and packs up.  Each card is listed with a price.  Usually a good 20 to 25% off from the Beckett price and ever week that card doesn't sell it gets marked down a little till it reaches a dollar and that's the lowest it'll go.  But I've picked all sorts of good relics, autographs, and vintage from that drop board for crazy low prices, a lot of them for the bottom dollar price.  Well to my surprise Don had a ton of this year's Panini Cooperstown hanging on the wall.  All sorts of inserts and autographs from the set.  And then I saw the Ignitor just sitting there marked down to I think it was six whole dollars.  I couldn't pass it up.  I'm not a huge collector of Paul Molitor, but he was a Brewers for most of his career, is still beloved in Milwaukee, and I do have a nice stack of his cards in my collection, but I didn't have an autographed card till now.  I have a sweet relic I picked up years ago, rookie cards and everything in between, and now I have my first, but hopefully not last auto of the #2 all time top Brewer.  On top of that I haven't added a card to my Top 100 in while.  I had to look and see what number I stopped on.  So this is card #72 in my Top 100 cards in my collection (the number is not the card's rank in the Top 100, the Top 100 has no rankings).

Welcome to the collection.

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  1. Lovely card. I still think he should be a player/manager.. add a few hits to the total, why not?