Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cynicalbuddha's Top 100 #65

Been a while since I posted a card on the Top 100.  I recently picked up this beauty from the local non-regular card show here in town.  I've bitched about the card shows before, mainly that there are only two guys selling and they usually have to hold it with the stamp and coin sellers, but hey ya gotta do what you gotta do.  I wasn't expecting much and I wasn't disappointed, but I started jawing with the guys, one is a big Steelers fan the other an Eagles fan.  And my eye wandered across this beautiful Paul Molitor patch.  He knew I was a Milwaukee fan and pointed out the card.  I commented on how nice it was and finally asked what he wanted for it.  To my surprise he offered me a really good deal so I took it.  It's hard to pass up a card this nice with holder.  So at least I didn't come away from the show empty handed.  Last time I showed up I also picked up a 2011 Robin Yount Tribute Gold Parallel I needed, for super cheap.  So for all my bitching it's not really that bad, plus the guys do have quarter boxes and are always willing to make a deal.

So #65 on the Top 100

2005 Donruss Prime Patches Paul Molitor Hall of Fame Patch card #HF-3 #d 11/28!

Sorry about the fuzzy scan the card is in a screw down holder.

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