Monday, January 23, 2012

1963 Topps Baseball Project - The first HOFer makes it into the collection

I've been on a little spree lately with the 1963 Topps Baseball Project.  I just won another decent lot of 15, so I'll have some posting fodder for weeks.  But last week I also picked up 3 different Hall of Famers.  I'm not going to spoil the fun your just going to have to wait and see who I picked up.  Or peruse the checklist, they're already marked, but the first one I picked up was this Orioles legend.

 #345 Brooks "the Human Vacuum Cleaner" Robinson

I was lucky enough to snag this bad boy for fairly cheap and I'll say so far it's the single most expensive card in the set for me.  I paid a whopping $19.50 shipped.  After staring at this card for a while I think I got a hell of a deal.  To be honest the person listing this card gave a terrible description, "No wrinkles or creases, corners are nice." That's a pretty minimal save your ass listing description.  But they were right an absolutely beautiful card and the centering ain't half bad.  I was trying to make Ernie Banks my first HOFer in the set, but missed out on a great looking card that went for way too cheap, so Mr. Robinson is my conciliation prize.

If you were to ask the average Joe who is the best Oriole they probably would say Cal Ripken.  If you were to ask an Orioles fan most likely they would tell you it's Brooks.

Brooks resume is pretty impressive.  Sixteen time Golden Glover, 2 World Series rings, 1970 World Series MVP honors, 1964 AL MVP, just shy of the 3,000 hits club, and let's not forget a first ballot Hall of Famer that got 92% of the vote!

Brooks is still kicking and still active in Major League Baseball working with the players union.

So welcome Mr. Robinson to my 1963 Topps collection you are most welcome!

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  1. That is one nice card. Congrats on adding a big one to the set. By the way, that gold Brewer I showed will go with the Walls if I can get Topps to mail it!