Saturday, January 7, 2012

2nd Annual Almost the Easiest Super Bowl Contest on the Web official entries

Alright it's go time.  The contest was closed at 12 noon my time, which is Alaska Time, or 4 pm Eastern.
I've tried to double check these and make sure I got them all right but if you see a mistake let me know.
Here's the LINK to the official entries on the original contest post.  Over all a nice turn out.  I know that I have a few followers and readers that don't do football, so that's ok.  You'll also notice if you pimped my contest you have a little pimp at the end of your entry.  If for some reason I missed your plug on your blog or you never posted it on my comments let me know by commenting here with the link to the plug and I'll make sure to get you your extra entry in for the door prize.

Looks like a lot of Saints predictor's again this year, let just hope the Saints can make it out of wildcard weekend this year.  No one took the Texans, Bengals, Broncos, Lions, Falcon, or Giants.  mmmmm Could be a spoiler this year. At least two from the Texans, Bengals, Falcons and Giants, will make it to the second round.

The Contestants

Fan of Reds - Steelers over Saints, 51 points, 2 TO's

hiflew - Ravens over 49er's, 27 points, 6 TO's

The Diamond King - Packers over New England, 69 points, 2 TO's

Robert - Packers over Ravens, 45 Points, 4  TO's

cardanathema - Steelers over Packers, 58 points, 3 TO's

Captain Canuck - Saints over Ravens, 67 points, 3 TO's

Spankee - Patriots over Saints, 60 points, 3 TO's

Colbey - Saints over Patriots, 54 points, 1 TO's

piratesfan731 - Saints over Ravens, 45 points, 2 TO's

The Lost Collector - Saints over Patriots, 55 points, 3 TO's

Greg Zakwin - Packers over Ravens, 51 points, 2 TO's, pimp

AdamE - Steelers over Saints, 40 points, 3 TO's

Cardhobbyist - Ravens over Saints, 41 points, 3 TO's

Eric L - Saints over Broncos, 48 points, 3 TO's

The Dimwit - Saints over Patriots, 63 points, 3 TO's

Mariner1 - Saints over Patriots, 72 points, 1 TO

arpsmith - Packers over Steelers, 49 points, 4 TO's

Matt - 49ers over Patriots, 73 points, 5 TO's

Kyle4KC - Packers over Patriots, 54 points, 3 TO's, pimp

Milwaukee Southpaw - Packers over Steelers, 59 points, 3 TO's, pimp

Spiegel83 - Saints over Ravens, 42 points, 4 TO's

Hackenbush - 49ers over Steelers, 48 points, 3 TO's

Skroeker - Patriots over Packers, 56 points, 3 TO's

SpastikMoose - Patriots over Saints, 45 points, 5 TO's

Stealing Home - Packers over the Ravens, 39 points, 2 TO's

Josh D. - Patriots over Packers, 61 points, 1 TO

Dawgbones - Bengals over Falcons, 13 points, no TO's, pimp

dkwilson - Packers over Patriots, 59 points, 2 TO's

Play at the Plate - Saints over Patriots, 73 points, 3 TO, and 36 pass-interference calls.

Fuji -  Packers over Patriots, 73 points, 4 TO's

Alright there you go 30 Entries this year not too shabby.  Good luck everybody!!


  1. hey now, I took your awesome advice with the Bengals, putting me firmly in the "Don't do Football" camp...

  2. LOL I'm still a couple of months behind obviously. Corrected