Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cynicalbuddha's Top 100 #67

Well sticking with the vintage oddballs and Younts. Next we have a full Burger Chef box with 9 discs featuring the Brewers of 1977.

A quick search on the internet tells me that at one time Burger Chef was the second largest fast food chain in the USA, second only to McDonalds.  Eventually Burger Chef got bought out and became part of the Hardee's/Carl's Jr. empire, with the last Burger Chef closing some time in the mid nineties. But in 1977 their triple play funmeals came in these nifty boxes each featuring a certain team. I don't know if certain teams were available only regionally or if you took your chance when you ordered the meal.   I'm sure some kid New York was very disappointed to get this Brewers tray.  You can find the disc's individually, but finding fully intact full trays isn't too hard and most of these boxes go for under 10 bucks.  Still a cool oddball.

So #67 on my :Top 100

1977 Burger Chef Full Triple Play Funmeal Tray featuring the Brewers Team set/ Yount included.

Of course I not only wanted the try as part of Brewers history, but also for the featuring a fresh faced Robin Yount.  I also have the lone disc in the collection.

If these trays had come out a year earlier the Brewers Team Tray might be a little more valuable featuring a Hank Aaron on it, but for the most part the Yount is the money disc here, but here's the rest of the team in close up.

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  1. These oddballs are awesome! The fact that your are still in the tray make them even cooler.