Saturday, January 21, 2012

1963 Topps Baseball Project - The Rule of 3

Ah the old tenet of the Rule of 3.  Bad things happen in 3's, good things happen in 3's, your karma is returned 3 fold.  Here at the crack the 1963 Topps Baseball Project posts 3 common cards at a time.  

However you take it, it's another offering from the shoebox.  

First up #153 Hal Smith.

Not to be confused with Hal Smith the actor who played Otis Anderson, the town drunk on the Andy Griffith Show or Hal Smith the catcher for the Cardinals.   Nope this Hal played as a utility player, catching and holding down the corners.  He played most of his career in Kansas City, but played two years in Houston, 62 and 63, before ending his career in Cincinnati.  Hal is remembered in Pittsburgh as one of heroes of the 1960 World Series, hitting a 3 run homer in the bottom of the 8th with two out to put the Pirates ahead of the Yankees.  Of course the Yankees ended up winning it in the 9th, but Hal is still remembered for his pivotal hit.
Hal Smith is still around and 81.

#157 Diego Segui

Man I really like the looks of those old Kansas City Athletics hats. Diego would play on and off for the Athletics for 10 years before finally being traded away to the Cardinals in 1972.  Diego also as the distinction of being the only picture to have pitched for both Seattle major league teams.  After being released by the Mariners in 1977 Diego went on to pitch for 10 more years in the Mexican Leagues.  I couldn't find where Diego calls home now but he's still around at the age of 74.

And lastly we have #159 Jim Pagliaroni

Jim was only 17 when he appeared in first major league game, says so right there in the comic on the back of the card.  He was also only 31 when he retired a Seattle Pilot in 1969.  Jim joined the military in 1956 and was out in time in 1958 to make spring training.  In 1968, Jim was traded to the Oakland Athletics where he caught for Catfish Hunters perfect game the first one in the American League since 1922.  Sadly, Jim passed away in April of 2010 from cancer.

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  1. Don't you just love Hal's big pillow glove? The ball would stick in there like an egg in a nest.