Friday, January 27, 2012

A trade with Napkin Doon

I've been seeing trade posts up with people trading with Mr. Doon for some time now and I knew it would only be a matter of time till we had a trade.  Earlier this month Nap posted about his pick up's from a live auction.  He got a bunch of miscellaneous cards and some interesting old post cards and stamp stuff.  Check it out here.  He mentioned that he wasn't interested in the stamp stuff and if anyone wanted it.  In the collection he picked up were some really old postcards that looked really interesting. I had hoped that I might be able to trade for those, but they were already claimed, but everything else was still available.  Not really being able to tell what all was in there I figure I'd take a gamble. I use to have, and think I still do somewhere in my parents basement, a small stamp collection.  We also worked out a trade for some cards. I found some cards he need from his need list and a couple nice cards I had sitting in the trade box for his PC's. You can see what I sent him HERE.  Nap sent me a nice assortment of cards as well as the stamp stuff.  I think both of us wanted to make sure we didn't screw the other.  Unfortunately I'm still sorting through all the stamp and other stuff he sent me.  There was a pile!  And I can't wait to show it off.  After digging through it I'm safe to say I'm not going to get rich from this trade, but just the history and other correspondence that was in there was just awesome.  That being said I plan to post on that other stuff later.  There was a lot of stamps and a few stamp albums, some old catalogs, postcards, and old travel brochures.  Just fun stuff to look through.  I share all this with you when I get it sorted out, but for now lets see some of the goodies I got from Mr. Doon.

He sent me a nice stack of 2009 Topps T206 from my need list and over half of the Brewers team set from 2001 Topps Heritage and these other Brewers goodies.  I'm pretty sure I got all these in the trade, although before I had a change to scan the pile I got from Napkin also got put with the pile I just got from Colbey over at Cardboard Collection's last group break, but these are all getting credited to my trade with the Doon.

A couple 2009 Goudey for my team set.
2009 Upper Deck X die cut Ryan Braun going into either my team set or my PC.
Interestingly enough I also got another one of these from Colbey's group break.  If you've never seen any of these EX cards you should go find some.  There one of those futuristic baseball cards.  On clear plastic.  Here's the back
I do believe there are only two Brewers in this set. The late nineties and early 2000's were dark days for the Brew Crew in talent and in most of the higher end sets you'd be lucky to find two Brewers featured on cards.

1994 Pinnacle Museum Collection of Jody Reed.

The best are these 1999 Fleer Flair Showcase cards.

For a couple of years Fleer Flair had different levels.  Row 1 being best, Row 2 being in the middle and than Row 3 at the bottom, although they all look great.  Here we have two Row 2 cards.

The Row 1 cards are serial numbered to 6000, which today seems like a lot with are super rare numbered to 10 patch auto cards being pulled left and right, but back in 1999 these were a big deal.  And they still look incredible.  Like I said the late nineties weren't a great time to be a Brewer's card collector and this set featured only 3 players. Jeff Cirillo, Jeromy Burnitz and Marquis Grissom.
And thanks to this trade I have almost complete sets for Row 1 and Row 2.

Thanks again Nap for the great trade.  And I'll be posting more on the trade when I get around to organizing all the stamps and other stuff.

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