Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Musings on Matt Flynn super back up Quarterback

I find it fun to read all the comments people post on the sports articles I read.  Lot of hate, lots of love, it all just makes me giggle sometimes.

Anyway, I've been thinking of the great record-breaking performance Matt Flynn, the back up quarterback for Green Bay Packers, put up last Sunday.  I was still nursing a hangover and didn't watch the game.  It's wasn't on TV and I was damned if I was going to get out of my PJ's and head to the bar.  Let's be honest after I heard that half the starting lineup was resting and in all honesty it was a game neither team really needed.  Sure the Lions would have clinched the 5th seed, instead of being tied for last seed in the playoffs, but since the Packers had home field advantage, the 1st round bye, and the division clenched it was one of those games that no one cared about.  Just don't tell that to the players or the fans.  One of the comments I read was "Who wants to pay to see a game played by the second string?"  Hmmm good question, but I'm sure that the fans that showed up were glad they did.  11 TD's, over 1000 passing yards, this was an aerial assault to be sure.  I don't think anyone predicted that the last game of the season, a game that didn't really mean anything, would end with 86 points on the board and a new Packers single game passing record being set.  And not to be over shadowed, Jordy Nelson also had a career game.  Yes I know the defense was playing soft. No one wanted to get hurt.

So was it a fluke?  Was it that the defense just didn't care so it was a scoreapalosa?  Maybe, but last year when Flynn took over for an injured Rodgers when he got a concussion against the Lions in week 14 and then almost beat the Patriots in New England the next week.  I remember thinking to myself, "Hey this kid ain't so bad."  So it comes as no surprise that he had the game he had in Week 17 this year.  I think the shoot out was  definitely in part to lax defense, but also skill.   The one thing I do know is that Flynn is a free agent after this year and his stock just went up and he most likely will not be backing up Aaron Rodgers next year.  I think he'll be starting somewhere. Where? Who knows? I mean he did win a National Championship at LSU.

Just my two cents. Oh and Stafford had a pretty decent game too.


  1. TWO franchise passing records! - yards and TDs :)

  2. I know, right!!! Did I not put that in there? He's going to make some team very happy next year I have a feeling.