Thursday, January 19, 2012

1963 Topps Baseball Project - 3 More in the Shoebox

So far I'm plugging right along with this set, trying to score small lots for cheap on ebay here and there and it's been working.  I'm bummed I missed a decent Ernie Banks card that went for way too cheap, but last week I added 3 HOFer's to the collection.  They'll be up here soon when I get them.  But until then another trio of commons from some recent pick ups.  You can follow the progress over at my 1963 Topps Project page.  I've got the whole checklist there and have color coded the cards with their status, I've got a completion tracker and I've even decided to try and track how much I spend putting this set together.

OK first up...

#118 Sherm Lollar

This would be Sherm's last year playing baseball.  From the back of the card you can see he played for four different teams during his career, with most of the time spent with the White Sox.

Sherm also has two World Series rings one as a player with the Yankees in 1947 and one as a coach with the  1966 Orioles. A nine time All-star and three time Golden Glover Sherm also coached for the Oakland Athletics in 1969 and two of their minor league teams.  Sherm past away in 1977 from cancer.

#122 Julio Gotay

Not much to say about Julio.  He played most of his career in AA and AAA minor leagues being called up for St Louis full time in 1962 he was traded to Pittsburgh the next year and then to the Angels and the Astros, but  played most of that time back down in the minors.  Julio past way in 2008 from respiratory failure.

#137 Mack Jones
Mack "the Knife" Jones only played 10 seasons of professional baseball but most of those were with the Braves.  A native of Atlanta he moved with the team in 1966, which I'm sure he enjoyed.  He was trade to the Reds in 1967 and then in 1968 was taken 2nd by the Expos in the Expansion draft.  Mack past away in 2004, in what seems to be a reoccurring theme here, from complications with stomach cancer.

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  1. Sorry I didn't reply on that post of mine, but I'll have the 1963 Lee Walls (card #11) when I get it shipped from Topps. It's yours if you still need it...