Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 Squirrelmania!!

It's kinda getting ridiculous.  The first batch of 2012 Topps started hitting eBay yesterday as early retail was being opened. The official hobby release is tomorrow and lucky for me it's also trade night at Bosco's. So I'll be there to pick up my Jumbo and at least 4 more packs so I can send in for my redemption, might have to get two jumbo's we'll see.  Regardless I'll post the box breaks here.  But back to the matter at hand.

2012 Squirrelmania!!  So far (as I write this) there are 14 Skip Shumaker Squirrel variations cards on ebay.  See them all here. The first one which I posted on yesterday is right around 600 bucks and ending in a few hours. Only one of the listed cards is under 100 bucks and there are some truly crazy buy it now prices.  Here's the interesting thing though. There are two other very publicized short prints out there too.  A quick search finds no Pujols SP's and only one Reyes. The Reyes is going for about 50 bucks right now.

Ah remember the good old days of Strasmania.  I can't wait to find out these are one per box. Although if I get one tomorrow it's going up on ebay ASAP.  Nothing like a national news blurb to boost prices.

The first auction ends in about 4 hours I'll have all your Squirrelmania later.


  1. hell, a few of those auction are for boxes of cards that may or may not contain the Squirrel variation!!

  2. Yep I guess there are only 14 actually card auctions right now. I love the BIN on the bottome for a just under a grand.

  3. Holy crap! What are these people smoking?!