Monday, January 9, 2012

2nd Annual Almost the Easiest Super Bowl Contest on the Web Wild Card Weekend Update

I would say three out of the four games this weekend were pretty much cut and dry. But it's Wildcard Weekend so at least one of the heavily favored teams has too lose.  I will say that the best game of the weekend was definitely the Steelers/Broncos game.  Man a nail biter, with Big Ben making a great comeback to send the game into overtime and how about the Tebow pass to Demaryius Thomas.  Wow, just wow. And at least the Saints made it to the Divisional Playoffs next week, they looked pretty darn good.  The Lions looked pretty good too, till halftime when the Saints just turned it to 11.  So with the Steelers loss we lose 3 and Dawgbones, why do you listen to me? Out of the original 30 we are down to 26, much better than last year after the Saints lost to Seattle. Of course next week we get all the #1 and 2 seeds coming into play so who knows what the board will look like after that.  If your names in red your out of the main contest, but of course still in for the doorprize. One month till the Super Bowl!!! I'll have a Friday contest update.

The contestants:

Fan of Reds - Steelers over Saints, 51 points, 2 TO's

hiflew - Ravens over 49er's, 27 points, 6 TO's

The Diamond King - Packers over New England, 69 points, 2 TO's

Robert - Packers over Ravens, 45 Points, 4  TO's

cardanathema - Steelers over Packers, 58 points, 3 TO's

Captain Canuck - Saints over Ravens, 67 points, 3 TO's

Spankee - Patriots over Saints, 60 points, 3 TO's

Colbey - Saints over Patriots, 54 points, 1 TO's

piratesfan731 - Saints over Ravens, 45 points, 2 TO's

The Lost Collector - Saints over Patriots, 55 points, 3 TO's

Greg Zakwin - Packers over Ravens, 51 points, 2 TO's, pimp

AdamE - Steelers over Saints, 40 points, 3 TO's

Cardhobbyist - Ravens over Saints, 41 points, 3 TO's

Eric L - Saints over Broncos, 48 points, 3 TO's

The Dimwit - Saints over Patriots, 63 points, 3 TO's

Mariner1 - Saints over Patriots, 72 points, 1 TO

arpsmith - Packers over Steelers, 49 points, 4 TO's

Matt - 49ers over Patriots, 73 points, 5 TO's

Kyle4KC - Packers over Patriots, 54 points, 3 TO's, pimp

Milwaukee Southpaw - Packers over Steelers, 59 points, 3 TO's, pimp

Spiegel83 - Saints over Ravens, 42 points, 4 TO's

Hackenbush - 49ers over Steelers, 48 points, 3 TO's

Skroeker - Patriots over Packers, 56 points, 3 TO's

SpastikMoose - Patriots over Saints, 45 points, 5 TO's

Stealing Home - Packers over the Ravens, 39 points, 2 TO's

Josh D. - Patriots over Packers, 61 points, 1 TO

Dawgbones - Bengals over Falcons, 13 points, no TO's, pimp

dkwilson - Packers over Patriots, 59 points, 2 TO's

Play at the Plate - Saints over Patriots, 73 points, 3 TO, and 36 pass-interference calls.

Fuji -  Packers over Patriots, 73 points, 4 TO's