Friday, January 6, 2012


I was going to post these over at my Packers blog Long Way from Lambeau, but since I mentioned I was getting a big eTopps haul I might as well just lay them all out here.  Out of the over 200 eTopps cards I had shipped there were maybe only 20 to 30 I actually plan on keeping for my collections.  The rest will be up for trade or go up on ebay to help support my habit.  These are all keepers.

I present to you my eFavre collection
2004 eTopps limited to 900 not individually numbered but does have a unique hologram sticker number.
2004 Packers Team card limited to 2500 copies.  I do believe these were issued for all the teams that made the playoffs that year.

2005 eTopps Favre card. It doesn't say it anywhere on the card but this card was limited to 1200.  This was also the worst Packer season while Favre was quarterback.

2006 eTopps.  I really like this years design and on top of that they started serial numbering the cards.  This issue was just to 749!

I didn't snag a 2007 Favre card and at only 499 produced it's one of his pricier cards.  But I did snag this team card number to 999.  NFC North Champions baby!

Even though he left Green Bay and what a soap opera that was, I still love the guy and collect all this later cards too.  Here is his 2008 eTopps card numbered to 799 and yikes in a Jets uni!

Woe is me.  Not the great Favre in Viks jersey!! Yep, a nice looking set, I also got the Aaron Rodgers from this year.  I do believe statistically that this year was Favre's best and he was one interception away from taking the Vikings to the Super Bowl.  Doh! You've been Favred.

The Vikings team card featuring Favre and Purple Jesus among others. 

Of course Favre's best season was followed by one of his worst. He didn't have a regular issue eTopps card that year but did have one of these 1956 Tribute cards issued for him numbered to just 799.  My only complaint is that Topps could have easily put him in a Packers uni seeing as this was a Tribute product, but what ever.

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