Friday, January 20, 2012

2nd Annual Almost the Easiest Super Bowl Contest on the Web Conference Championships Round!

It's Friday, two days till the NFL Conference Championships!  I'm sure most of you have forgotten I'm holding a Super Bowl contest since you're out.  What have I learned from holding this contest 2 years in a row?  Never bet on the Saints.  And if you get in late pick the team no one else does.  Now remember I only asked you who the winner was going to be to win.  But since I was sure there would probably be more than one entry to guess the right team I had a few tie breakers.  I asked for the opponent, total points in the game and total turnovers.  We have 8 contestants left standing after 2 weeks of playoffs.  You'll notice that 3 of the 4 teams are represented.  Nobody picked the Giants, not surprising, but no one even picked them as an opponent.  I won't lie I'm bitter toward the Giants this year so I'll be rooting for the 49ers this Sunday, as for the Ravens/Pats game I don't have a favorite so I'm just going to enjoy the game.  I'll have a contest update on Sunday night or Monday morning.

Here are the 8 Semifinalists and their picks:

hiflew - Ravens over 49er's, 27 points, 6 TO's

Spankee - Patriots over Saints, 60 points, 3 TO's

Cardhobbyist - Ravens over Saints, 41 points, 3 TO's

Matt - 49ers over Patriots, 73 points, 5 TO's

Hackenbush - 49ers over Steelers, 48 points, 3 TO's

Skroeker - Patriots over Packers, 56 points, 3 TO's

SpastikMoose - Patriots over Saints, 45 points, 5 TO's

Josh D. - Patriots over Packers, 61 points, 1 TO 


  1. I don't know how long it's been up (I often overlook things)but I love the header with the tobacco cards.

  2. Hey Hack, Just put that up today, or rather yesterday now.