Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Simmer Down Now.

With the launch of Series 1 Baseball less than 2 weeks away and the announcement that Topps decided to add SP's of  Albert Pujol's in his new Angels jersey and Jose Reyes in a Marlin's jersey. There has been a small fervor in the sportscardblogosphere over it.  The cards will be #331 and 332 respectively and be short printed in Series 1.  But both cards will have non-SP versions in Series 2 with different photo's most likely ones not photoshopped.  I really don't understand what the big deal is.  This is just like in 2010 where Topps had to keep the Strasmania going and issued a super SP of Strasburg #661 only available through the Cards Your Mother Threw out giveaway website.  He also had a none SP version released later in the Update series.

For me I could give a rat's ass about the SP cards.  I don't chase the one's Topps already does with inserting SP's of HOFer's or Sparkle variations or whatever, unless they are cards for my Player or Team collections.  For me as a set collector, the base set is one through 330 for Series one, no SP's.  I either trade away or sell all the stuff I don't want and to be honest these added  SP's adds a little value to the box. Because while I'm not a completist as a set collector there are plenty of people who are, or people willing to chase down the first Pujols or Reyes card in his new uniform.

For Topps this is pretty much  more of the same.  It's not game changing, it's not surprising, it's just par for the course.  Just my 2 cents.


  1. Turd Sandwich...I love that tag! I agree with you. When I was building the 2010 set I didn't care about #661. To me my set was complete #1-660.

    I'd rather wait until series 2 and have a non-photoshopped card of Pujols. Screw this whole short printed thing.

  2. Preach it. I was thinking of doing a post saying the same thing.