Monday, October 24, 2016

6th Annual Almost the Easiest World Seriers Contest on the Web - Championship Round Up

Here we are.  A day away from the start of the World Series.  What a crazy if not predictable outcome.  It's funny I took a look back at my original prediction which was used to demonstrate the format of the contest picks and I got both teams right!  What's even better is that we had 4 people also correctly guess the two teams that will make up this 112th match-up.

Over all we had 14 people pick the Cubs to win it all and two for the tribe.  So that's 16 people who made it this far.  But of course that means we have to take it to the tie breakers and we had 4 people, 3 for the Cub and one for the Indians, correctly guess the match up. Those people are in Green.

If the Indians win TSHenson wins outright.  If the Cubs win we'll have to take it to the next tie breaker, total games in the series.  Of which Adam K, Michael O., and defgav all picked different numbers.

Here's a look at the picks coming out of the league championships.  Good luck and enjoy the series!

Ugly Duckling - Cubs over Orioles, 7 games, 23 HR

Jeff S - Indians over Dodgers / 7 games / 8 hrs - PIMP

Shane Kroeker - Cubs over Blue Jays 6 games, 20HR

Mike Matson - Jays over Mets 6 games. 15 HRs..

Nick - Cubs over Red Sox, 6 games, 13 HRs. 

Chris - Cubs over Rangers, 5 games, 8 homers

Robert - Cubs over Rangers, 7 games. 14 HRs

JediJeff - Dodgers over Indians - 6 games - lucky 13 dingers.

Adam Kaningher - Cubs over Indians, 6 games, 11 homers.

Greg Zakwin - Dodgers over Red Sox, 6 games, 9 HRs

Corky - Cubs over Blue Jays, 7 games and 18 homers

RAZ - Cubs over Red Sox, 7 games, 19 homers

night owl - Dodgers beat Red Sox in 7, 14 homers.

Josh D. - Dodgers over Rangers...6 games, 9 HR

Jupiterhill - Cubs over Rangers in SIX games 13 homers.

TSHenson - Indians over Cubs, 7 games, 11 home runs

Fuji - Cubs over the Red Sox, 6 games, 15 home runs.

GCA - Cubs over Red Sox in 7 games, 11 homers.

Jafronius - Cubs over Red Sox in 5 games, 7 Homers.

Michael Ott - Cubs over Indians, 5 games, 14 HRs

defgav - Cubs over Indians, 7 games, 18 HRs