Sunday, October 9, 2016

6th Annual Almost the Easiest World Series Contest on the Web - Official Entries Post.

Wow we had a pretty great turn out this year. Thanks to everybody who signed up.  This post will serve as the official entries post and if you see that I have incorrectly listed your pick below please let know so I can correct it.  We had 34 people enter, not a record, but still a nice entry pool. The Cubs were by and far the most picked team, oddly enough I too picked the Cubs to win.  If for some reason we can't find a winner with all the tie breakers all the names of those who guessed correctly, I will randomly pick a winner at by randomizing the list 3 times, just like how we pick a door prize winner.

Here are the official entries.

Ugly Duckling - Cubs over Orioles, 7 games, 23 HR

Jeff S - Indians over Dodgers / 7 games / 8 hrs - PIMP

Jon - Giants over Red Sox, 6 games, 17 HR

Shane Kroeker - Cubs over Blue Jays 6 games, 20HR

Mike Matson - Jays over Mets 6 games. 15 HRs..

Nick - Cubs over Red Sox, 6 games, 13 HRs. 

KO Rob - Red Sox over Mets, 7 games, 13 HRs. 

Chris - Cubs over Rangers, 5 games, 8 homers

Robert - Cubs over Rangers, 7 games. 14 HRs

Matt Stupienski - Red Sox over LA Dodgers, 6 games, 14 HRs

JediJeff - Dodgers over Indians - 6 games - lucky 13 dingers.

Adam Kaningher - Cubs over Indians, 6 games, 11 homers.

Greg Zakwin - Dodgers over Red Sox, 6 games, 9 HRs

Corky - Cubs over Blue Jays, 7 games and 18 homers

RAZ - Cubs over Red Sox, 7 games, 19 homers

The Big Kahuna - Mets over the Red Sox 6 games, 8 homers. 

night owl - Dodgers beat Red Sox in 7, 14 homers.

John Hazen - Rangers over Nationals in 6, 13 Homers.

Matthew Scott - Rangers over Giants 9 homers

Brett Alan - Red Sox over Dodgers, 6 games, 11 home runs.

CaptKirk42 - Nationals over Rangers 7 games 10 homers.

Josh D. - Dodgers over Rangers...6 games, 9 HR

Jupiterhill - Cubs over Rangers in SIX games 13 homers.

Dennis - Red Sox over Dodgers, 7 games, 16 homers

TSHenson - Indians over Cubs, 7 games, 11 home runs

Fuji - Cubs over the Red Sox, 6 games, 15 home runs.

GCA - Cubs over Red Sox in 7 games, 11 homers.

Colbey Hopper - Red Sox over the Nats in 6 games, 8 home runs

Dion's IP Autos only - Red Sox over Cubs in 6 games with 10 Home Runs. 

Jafronius - Cubs over Red Sox in 5 games, 7 Homers.

Nachos Grande - Giants over the Red Sox in 6 games. 12 homers.

Michael Ott - Cubs over Indians, 5 games, 14 HRs

irondequoit36 - Red Sox over Cubs - 6 games , 13 homers

defgav - Cubs over Indians, 7 games, 18 HRs

Good luck everybody. I'll have an update after the Division Series are done.


  1. Seeing all the picks listed together makes me think that picking the Cubs to win wasn't such a smart idea. TSHenson might have the inside track here.

  2. Well, since the Mets are out I think the only hope I have is Jays winning over anyone lol