Thursday, October 12, 2017

7th Annual Almost the Easiest World Series Contest on the Web - Divisional Series Round Up

Well I can be honest, I haven't seen any of the playoffs so far.  The fact that I don't have cable is part of it and also a late season work trip.  But tonight we go down to four.  I was just reading the highlights of the Cubs - Nats game.  Geez.  Like I said we are down to four teams and well one of those teams just happens to be the Yankees, which no one picked.  Spoiler??

We got the Yankees and Astros League Championship Series starting tomorrow and the Cubs - Dodgers starting on Saturday.  So with that we did lose quite a few people, 19 by my count, and that's almost exactly half.  Here were your picks, those in red are out. 

David Switzer - Indians over Rockies. 5 games. 14 HR.

Corky - Dodgers over Astros, 6 games and 15 homers

Sportzcommish - Astros over Dodgers, 7 games, 8 homers.

Sport Card Collectors - Cubs over Astros, 6 games, 8 homers PIMPED

Scott Fabiano - Dodgers over Cleveland, 5 games, 19 home runs

Nachos Grande - Astros over Dodgers, 6 games, 13 HR

Matt - Indians over Nationals, 6 games, 15 HR - PIMPED

Fuji - Astros over Nationals, 6 games 14 HR

night owl - Indians over Cubs, 6 games, 15 HRs

Rosenort - Rockies over Indians, 7 games, 19 homers.

TSHenson - Indians over Diamondbacks, 6 games, 13 home runs

Swing And A Pop-up - Red Sox over Cubs, 4 games, 16 HRs

jasongerman9 - Indians over Nationals, 6 games, 12 home runs.  PIMPED

Jeff - Indians over Dodgers in 6 games. 17 homers

Greg Zakwin - Dodgers over Astros, 7 Games, 9 HRs

irondequoit36 - indians over dodgers 7 games 12 hrs

shanepatrickwrites - nationals over indians, six games 11 dingers

Nick - Cubs over Astros, seven games, 15 HRs.

Colbey Hopper - Dodgers over Indians, 7 games, 9 HRs  PIMPED

Jafronius - Indians over Dodgers, 6 games, 11 Home runs.

Collecting Cutch - Astros over Nationals, 7 games, 17 HR  PIMPED

Josh D. - Cubs over Red Sox, 7 games, 12 HR

P-town Tom - Indians over Diamondbacks, 6 games, 8 HR

JediJeff - Indians over the Dodgers in 5. Yup - 5 games. Let's go with lucky 13 for the HRs.

Trevor P - Dodgers over Astros, 6 games, 7 HR

Tracy LeVeaux - Indians over the Rockies, 6 games, 24 homers

Ryan H - Rockies over Twins, 5 games, 9 HRs.

CaptKirk42 - Nationals over Indians 7 games 21 HRs

Dion's IP Autos only - Cubs over Red Sox 6 Games 14 home runs total

Adam Kaningher - Rockies over Astros, 7 games, 18 home runs.

ketchupman36 - Dodgers over the Indians, 6 games, 11HR

Richard Nebe Jr. - Dodgers over the Indians, in 5, 10HR

Mark Hoyle - Indians over Dodgers 6 games 13 homers

Jeff S - Astros over the Nationals 7 games 15 hrs

defgav - Cubs over Indians, 7 games, 18 HRs

RAZ - Astros over Dodgers, 6 games, 18 home runs.

Wilson - Indians over the Dodgers, 7 games, 14 HRs. PIMPED

I'll have another update just before the World Series.  Enjoy the League Championships.


  1. I should be in the "red" as well :(

    1. I think you just have to root for a result of Astros over Cubs, since no one has that, and then to hit the tiebreakers.

  2. If the Yankess win, it is sure going to put a wrench in this contest...