Monday, October 9, 2017

Lack of Better Judgement - the start of a comic book blog.

Not to long ago I joined the Facebook group, Comic Book Collecting.  It's a great group that's sole purpose is to let comic nerds nerd out to comics.  Zero selling or trading allowed it a pure "for the love of" group.  It's really rekindled my interest in my comic collection.  Originally when I started this blog 8 years ago or so it was the intent that this would be an all encompassing collector's blog, but over time it had solidified as a trading card blog.  And so be it.  Of course I had the bright idea to start several other blogs to focus on my team and player collections, my Lego Minifigure collection, my urban gardening and even my drawing and other art.

And since I can't seem to find time to post regularly even here why not start another blog dedicated to comics?  Anyways I can't guarantee how often I'll post there or here for the that matter, but if you're interested in comics take a gander.


  1. Cool! I just checked it out, dug what I saw, and hit the follow button. My long dormant interest in comics has recently started wriggling again, so I will be interested in seeing how this new blog is going to work out.

    I won't be starting another blog, but I will probably be doing comic book related posts on occasion, probably much to my current reader's chagrin.

  2. I followed as well. I also have a comic blog but like you, it falls after Cardboard History on my priorities list. I have a link to it on Cardboard History, as well as links to my diecast and action figure blogs...which I rarely ever update.

  3. I have a bunch of comics that I collected in the 90's... but never really considered myself a comic book collector. With that being said... I love watching YT videos featuring comics, so I'll give a blog dedicated to them a shot as well.