Saturday, October 21, 2017

7th Annual Almost the Easiest World Series Contest on the Web - League Championship Series Break Down

Well this was almost a very interesting contest had the Yankees been able to close out the American League Championship.  As it is we last only 5 that round, and while technically anyone who picked the Dodgers or the Astros is still in it, since we have to go to the first tie breakers we can say that there are still  really 6 contestants left, which is actually quite a lot.  6 of you guys correctly picked the match up.  Only time will tell if anyone gets as close as Gavin did last year with his winning pick.

Alright enjoy the World Series.  I'll post the winner and the door prize winner after the last game is played.

Here are the picks if your name is in Green you were one of the 6 who correctly guessed the match-up.

Corky - Dodgers over Astros, 6 games and 15 homers

Sportzcommish - Astros over Dodgers, 7 games, 8 homers.

Sport Card Collectors - Cubs over Astros, 6 games, 8 homers PIMPED

Scott Fabiano - Dodgers over Cleveland, 5 games, 19 home runs

Nachos Grande - Astros over Dodgers, 6 games, 13 HR

Fuji - Astros over Nationals, 6 games 14 HR

Greg Zakwin - Dodgers over Astros, 7 Games, 9 HRs

Nick - Cubs over Astros, seven games, 15 HRs.

Colbey Hopper - Dodgers over Indians, 7 games, 9 HRs  PIMPED

Collecting Cutch - Astros over Nationals, 7 games, 17 HR  PIMPED

Josh D. - Cubs over Red Sox, 7 games, 12 HR

Trevor P - Dodgers over Astros, 6 games, 7 HR

Dion's IP Autos only - Cubs over Red Sox 6 Games 14 home runs total

ketchupman36 - Dodgers over the Indians, 6 games, 11HR

Richard Nebe Jr. - Dodgers over the Indians, in 5, 10HR

Jeff S - Astros over the Nationals 7 games 15 hrs

defgav - Cubs over Indians, 7 games, 18 HRs

RAZ - Astros over Dodgers, 6 games, 18 home runs.

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  1. This is as close as I've come so far!! Let's go Dodgers!! Get yourself another Series ring Chase!