Sunday, October 18, 2020

10th Annual Almost the Easiest World Series Contest on the Web League Championship Finals


Wow what a couple of great LCS's!! Both going to game 7 and both looked like they might be run aways.  I was rooting for a Braves - Rays match-up. But damn if the Dodgers don't look tough to beat again.  That being said the Dodgers were the favorite to win the whole thing this year, at least judging from your entries and that also means we have a ton of people still technically alive moving into the World Series.  That being said what we actually have is a five way race now.

We have three picks that chose the Rays to win the World Series, none of those have the correct opponent so we'd have to move to # of games in series and maybe even into the double total.  But if the Dodgers end up finally winning there are two picks that correctly picked the Dodgers to defeat the Rays!  

Joseph Blaschke - Dodgers over Rays in 5, 9 Doubles

FiresNBeers - Dodgers over A's in 6, 15 Doubles

Ben Morris - dodgers over jays in 7. 18 doubles.

gator415 - Dodgers over White Sox in 5, 11 doubles

IfbBirdsCards - Dodgers over Twins, in 5, 14 doubles

Johnnys Trading Spot - Braves over Rays in 6, 12 doubles.

flywheels - Braves over Rays in 7, 9 doubles

John Sharp - Dodgers over Yankees, 7 games. 24 doubles.

Nachos Grande -  Dodgers over Rays. in 6, 16 Doubles

Matt - Rays over Padres in 6 games, 10 doubles PIMP

Dion's IP Autos only - Dodgers over the Yankees in 7 Games 19 doubles. PIMP

Shaw Racing  - Astro's over Dodger's in 6, 18 Doubles

OhioTim - Tampa Bay Rays over Atlanta Braves in six games with 17 doubles.

The Diamond King - Dodgers over Houston in 6, 14 doubles

bbcardz - Dodgers over the Yankees in 7 games, 15 doubles

KMack - Dodgers over Yankees, 6 games. 14 doubles.

AnalogKid - Dodgers beat the Yankees in 7 games. 12 doubles.

Jeff S- Tampa over Miami in 5 games 0 doubles PIMP

Bkesler - Dodgers over Yankees, 5 games, 15 doubles

Lastcall77 - Braves over Rays in 7, 15 doubles.

gcrl - dodgers over yankees in 6 with 15 doubles

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