Tuesday, October 6, 2020

10th Annual Almost the Easiest World Series Contest on the Web - Official Entries Post


Sorry for the delay.  First I want to thank everyone who entered and all those who helped promote the contest as well.  Please look over your pick.  I've done my best to try and make sure I've gotten all the pick corrections in as well, but please  double check your entry.  If my count is correct we've got 40 entries this year, which might be a new record.  

As you know since I left the contest open through the wild card series' I let those of you who picked early amend your picks if any of the teams got a eliminated, however a few people who entered did not amend those early picks.  I figured there would be a few.  Also if you promoted the contest and don't see a PIMP by your name please let me know so I can make sure to mark your entry so you get the second Door Prize drawing entry.

Thanks again for all who entered and I'll have an update after the Divisional Series' conclude.

Joseph Blaschke - Dodgers over Rays in 5, 9 Doubles

FiresNBeers - Dodgers over A's in 6, 15 Doubles

Jamie Mashburn - Reds over Cleveland in 6/ 7 Doubles

Ben Morris - dodgers over jays in 7. 18 doubles.

Jupiterhill - Oakland over Miami in 6 games. 18 doubles.

gator415 - Dodgers over White Sox in 5, 11 doubles

IfbBirdsCards - Dodgers over Twins, in 5, 14 doubles

Johnnys Trading Spot - Braves over Rays in 6, 12 doubles.

flywheels - Braves over Rays in 7, 9 doubles

John Sharp - Dodgers over Yankees, 7 games. 24 doubles.

Nachos Grande -  Dodgers over Rays. Let's go all chalk instead, 16 Doubles

Fuji - A's over Dodgers in 6, 9 doubles

Brett Alan - Yankees over Padres in 6, 11 doubles.

night owl - Yankees beat Padres in 5, 7 doubles.

GCA - Padres over Rays in 6, 8 doubles.

Nick- Cubs over Rays in 6, 14 doubles.

Matt - Rays over Padres in 6 games, 10 doubles PIMP

Dion's IP Autos only - Dodgers over the Yankees in 7 Games 19 doubles. PIMP

Shaw Racing  - Astro's over Dodger's in 6, 18 Doubles

Robert - Padres over Athletics in 7. 13 doubles.

The Angels In Order - Padres over Yankees in 7, 28 doubles.

OhioTim - Tampa Bay Rays over Atlanta Braves in six games with 17 doubles.

Adam Kaningher - Yankees over Braves in 6. 17 Doubles

The Diamond King - Dodgers over Houston in 6, 14 doubles

bbcardz - Dodgers over the Yankees in 7 games, 15 doubles

KMack - Dodgers over Yankees, 6 games. 14 doubles.

AnalogKid - Dodgers beat the Yankees in 7 games. 12 doubles.

Jeff S- Tampa over Miami in 5 games 0 doubles PIMP

Vrooomed Padres over Rays, 6 games, 11 doubles - PIMP

GTT - Yankees over Dodgers, 5 games,7 doubles.

Bkesler - Dodgers over Yankees, 5 games, 15 doubles

kcjays - Padres over the Rays, 6 Games, 9 Doubles

e.v.a.n - Yankees over Dodgers, 6 games, 12 doubles

The Lost Collector - Yankees over Marlins, 5 games, 10 doubles

Chris Taro - Padres over the Yankees, in 7, 12 doubles

Lastcall77 - Braves over Rays in 7, 15 doubles.

ketchupman - Marlins over Rays in 6. 18 doubles

Wilson - Athletics over Braves, in 7, 22 doubles

gcrl - dodgers over yankees in 6 with 15 doubles

purtz5979 - Yankee's over the Padres in 6. 16 Doubles.


  1. Great turnout for this contest, congrats! I love seeing many of the popular blogger names here along with a bunch of the more prominent members of TCDb. Thanks for a very cool contest!

  2. Great turnout indeed! I had the page up but I forgot to submit my picks...good luck to all!