Friday, July 2, 2010


I'm bummed.  I was hoping to get my hands on a box or two of the A & G, before I left for my field assignment.  Alas no.  I was stoked to hear that there isn't a lot of collectors up here in Fairbanks so I figured I could sneak into the comic book/card shop here and snag a couple of boxes before I left.  But looks like his distributor got his order in late so it would be next week, which I won't be here, till he gets his order.  Plus the owner was telling me that everybody is coming out of the woodwork asking him about it.  That means there won't be any here when I get back and probably none in the town of Anchorage when I get back down there.  Boo.  I guess I will have to mail order some if nothing else or say fuck it. 

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