Friday, July 23, 2010

Is Kenny Rogers Chinese?

So summer is here in Alaska.  It's pretty awesome.  I just got back from a month and a half working up in Fairbanks and got a few weeks in the big city to relax and hang out with the little lady. 

I love sports cards that's pretty evident with having a sports card blog but I also consider myself a fairly decent artist.  Living in Haines the last 4 years I was lucky enough to be able to enter some drawings at the Southeast Alaska State Fair and took best in class.  I was hoping that I could do the same up here for the big state fair at the end of August that is in Palmer about 50 miles north of Anchorage.  Now that my girly works for the state arts council I get all the inside scoops, which by the way are posted on the fairs website. So I think I might have to submit some stuff.

But that is not what this post is about.  No this post is about one of the performers that will be performing at the fair. I was looking thought the scheduled acts and who did I see was going to be up here but none other than the gambler himself.  Kenny Rogers!!! 
Have you seen Kenny lately???  No?  Take a gander.

Now my question to you is Kenny Rodgers Chinese??

No just an unfortunate victim of pride.

I actually saw an infomercial with him and Smokey Robinson hawking some music compelation  a while back and both looked like they were sticking their heads out of a car going 100mph.

Anyways on a happier note I'm off to kill some salmon and clams.

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  1. Yeah he took it the Bruce Jenner route. And he did it really late in life which makes it look even sillier.

    But Kenny will always be cool for the song 'The Gambler'.

    Kenny is a very pretty older lady now.