Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why is Topps so Bad at the Internet?

Remember a few months back when Topps launched it's blog?  It was nothing but contests and giveaways and a promise of news and updates ect.  Well it looks like the blog is going the way of their website.   NO WHERE!  The last update on the blog was over a month ago.

This is what kinda erks me about Topps.  Their website is pretty much useless for current information.  Seems like they only update it once every 3 months if that and there is still stuff up there from last year that isn't even relevant.  I realize that there are plenty of sites to get stuff like checklists and print runs from but come on.  Isn't that the point of having a company website to update news to the fans and consumers?  I will admit that Panini and Upper Deck both have problems with their websites too but at least I can find a checklist if I need one and they are all about posting previews of products.  And why is it that if I was to buy from the Topps company store that products are more expensive then in hobby shops?  I would think being about to buy direct from the company would at least be comparable.  I know I know, gotta be fair to the card shops.  Whatever.

What's your take on the Topps websites or for that matter any of the card companies websites?  Useful? Pointless?

For me I get more up to date news from some of the great blogs out there, not mine, or course,  like Sooz and Marie over at A Cardboard Problem, Gelman over at Sports Cards Uncensored,  Ryan over at Trader's Crack, no affiliation,  the late Wax Heaven, which is why I started my blog, and countless others that I'm not even going to try and remember all of,  look at my blog list they're there. 

So keep up the good work my pretties.


  1. I'm not going to fault Topps for charging more than the hobby shops in their online store - I wouldn't want to carry their product as a retailer if they were going to turn around and undercut me.

    But how hard is it to have accurate, easy to use checklists and post the same preview info you send out to Beckett and the card dealers? I don't get it.

  2. Exactly. And I wasn't suggesting that Topps should sell there product on line through their website at wholesale prices but I realize living up in Alaska I'm going to pay more for stuff but when I would pay more at the Topps website then in a local card shop here thats poor. Not that I would buy from their website anyways.

  3. Topps sucks at updateing their website. When they do finally post their checklist 3 months after a release they are pretty awesome. I like that they export to excel and love that they have the team on there. But the last one they posted was 2010 Topps Series 1. We have had Pro Debut, Chicle, Heritage, Series 2 and A&G come out since then.