Thursday, July 29, 2010

New rant blog

Well i've been mulling over whether or not to start a new blog where I can post sportscard unrelated stuff, ie rants ect, and have finally done it. 

13 Tenets of Cynical Buddhism is up and running.  Check it out.  I'm planning on this to be my rant, reviews of non-sportscard stuff, and other random thoughts. 

I think this will be more of a cynicalbastard, et tu mr. destructo? kinda blog.  Check them out too there fun to read.  And perhaps I might even aspire to be as artsy as Hyperbole and a half.

Well I bought a few boxes of Score cuz i'm cheap and I'll probably post a break of that and I also bought a pack of Tribute cuz I got paid and worked a ton of overtime.  Maybe when I get some time tonight. 

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