Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Good ole #4

Well news is coming out that Mr. Retirement is coming back once again for another season.  I'm torn.  I mean I should hate him right? being a packer fan, but to be honest I still root for the old guy.  He was my team for a long long long long time and took the team to 2 super bowls. 

I wanted him to come back to be honest.  He is 3 shy from 500 career in season TD's.  I mean i remember the race to 420 and how he's almost 100 past that.  If he has anything like the season he had last year he'll end with over 530 TD's.  Could anyone ever top that?  I mean the only active QB that's anywhere close to Favre is Peyton Manning.  And lets face it Peyton is getting old quick too.  One more year for Favre? Two?  Who knows.  After last season I still like having him around and if the Vikings get there 5 minutes in the sun so be it. 

I rooted for the old guy in New York and I'll keep on rooting for him in Minnisota.  I won't however root for the team.  Sorry it's in my blood. 

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