Monday, August 30, 2010

GridIron Giveaway

So Topps 2010 Football is here,  yeahhhhhhh.

Glad to see the flagship football set out even if it is a little later than normal.
I have a few complaints but not many.  First is the card design is the same as Topps Baseball.  Again.  I know that they were pressed to get this set up and done in a timely manner from getting the license and what all but there was a time when the Topps Football design looked nothing like Baseball or Hockey or Basketball for that matter.  The inserts are alright but again a few are copies of Baseball inserts.  Legendary Linage and Peak performace.  That being said I do like the landscaped(wideangle) look of the PP cards.

And once again Topps is giving away cards.  So far everytime I've gone to the site to see what's been unlocked it's all junk modern commons.  I'm curious if anyone out there's gotten anything good.  And when is all the auto memerobilia and other goodies going to be let loose?

After opening way too many packs of baseball and entering all my codes.  I came away with a few decent vintage cards and almost a complete set of 1987.  Just kidding but I did unlock a crap ton of junk.  Hindsite being what it is I shoulda just sold all the cards on ebay and made a killing especially after the whole Strassburg ado.

So having busted 2 jumbos now which I'll post the goodies later when I get some time.  I think I'm just going to sell the code cards seeing the last 2 auctions I was watching that had 10 card lots each go for over 20 bucks I think it'll be worth it.  I'm sure I'll buy some rack packs or random packs through out the fall and winter and probably enter a few codes, but lets face it you gotta strike while the iron is hot. 

CB out.

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