Friday, August 20, 2010

My first custom Auto cards go out.

Well I've wanted to try and start an autograph collection for some time.  But with moving and having all my shit spread out all over it's been tough.  Well I was looking for a program to do some customs in and you know what I found Word is alright.  I just upgraded to word 2010 and I'm pretty impressed with what you can do. Pair that with a good printer we got to print wedding announcments and behold.  The first 3 cynicalbuddha customs.

Now your going to say, hey Cynicalbuddha those aren't sports cards!!  Yep they sure aren't.  I decided I'd like to make as professional a custom auto card as I could.  So you'll see a front and back, i'm going to group them in a series based on subjects and professions and I wanted to start with some stars who I know sign from looking at some fan mail sights and who are getting old and might not be around too much longer.  I know kinda morbid but still practical.  I just sent off the Betty White and Abe Vigoda, and just finished this Russull Johnson who was the professor on Gilligan's Island.  I want to get a few sports cards up but I'm having fun with tv and movie stars.  I have a set in mind based on game show hosts and late night talk, authors, and the like not just sports.  I will continue to post as I produce.  Wish me luck.

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