Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2010 Leaf Rookies and Stars Box Break

So I was at Don's Sportcards for his monthly trade night.  Once again no one there had anything I wanted to trade so I waited till he drew for prizes and almost got a box of 2010 Rookies and Stars.  So since I didn't win one I ended up buying a box and here's what I got. 

Here is the basic card design.

Pretty typical Donruss/Panini nothing special nothing great. 

Well in each box you get 24 packs, 8 cards per pack, and 4 hits (Autos, patches, or auto patches)

The great thing is I completed the base veterens set with one box and had 24 doubles.

Here are the hits and inserts.

I got 6 rookies here they are.

2 Studio Rookies, the Dez Bryant is numbered to 500.

Here are some random inserts.  Gold Stars Jason Witten numbered to 500.  Cross training Mike Willians numbered to 500, and 2 high numbers elements cards.  Vince Young and Randy Moss.

4 Longevity parallels.  Stroughter #to 249, Kenny Britt and Jermaine Cunningham numbered to 99, and one gold Eric Norwood #d to 49!!!

Now for the 4 hits.

First my auto
Seyi Ajirotutu #d to 299

Dual Jersey with Colt McCoy and Montario Hardesty
#d to 299.

Cross Training Prime Patch of Rolando McClaine Patch Auto #d to 10!!!

The best for last  I could believe I pulled this.

Wow Triple color stitch patch of Tebow #d to 50!! I've seen some others on Ebay but none this nice. 
I myself am not on theTebow bandwagon at least not till I get to see him play but damn nice card.  I was almost hoping not to get a full set of base cards which would have made me want to buy another box but come on after this box almost anything else would be a let down.  The only way that card could be nicer if it was an auto card but over all i'm very satified with this box.

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  1. From a design standpoint, the patch cards is actually my favorite card in this.