Thursday, August 19, 2010

Saying goodbye to Uncle Ted

Well I was going to post some custom Auto cards I made up and am just about to send out but my girlfriend stole my computer last night and now i'm posting from work. We are in morning up here in Alaska.

Last night we had the funeral for "Uncle" Ted Stevens. For those that don't know Ted was killed in a plane crash last week. He was the longest sitting Republican Senator ever!! And was deposed last election over a trial that was so blatently farcicle that it makes me ashamed. He was convicted of 7 charges, and later exonerated, but pretty much the trial did him in. He still almost won.

I met him once when he came to Haines even shook his head and told him to keep his head up.  I claim no political party and Uncle Ted has had moments that were both good and bad on the Senate floor.
But say what you will that man did a crap load for Alaska and will be missed.

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