Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's kinda sad.

I was at my favorite card shop the other day.  Don's is pretty much the only pure card shop in town.  He sells packs, boxes, singles and supplies.  He's got some vintage and some junk. 

Anyway, he's hosting a trade night tomorrow.  So i figured I'd come in and grab some packs, maybe a box to get some more tickets for his giveaway drawings.  I was pretty shocked when I walked in.  I'd been up in Fairbanks working for the past 2 weeks so I hadn't been in in a while.  His shelves where bare.  Or I should say sparsely populated.  He had some stuff but nothing awesome.  I don't know what I was looking for but I ended up buying 2 packs Panini Classic football, which in my opinion sucks, and 2 packs of 2009 T206.  I actually was hoping he'd have some cheap Score football but he was sold out of that as well.  I curious has anyone else seen this in there favorite card shop? 

Now realize Don doesn't keep alot of stock laying around.  His is a small one man operation.  So with new product coming out slow and from only a couple of sources his choices and mine are limited.   Now move over to Bosco's comics on the other side of town which has a sports card section and honestly it's really nice as well.  They are a bigger operation and keep lots of stock on hand, have tons of old junk wax from the 80's and stuff from previous years.  They also host trade nights. 

I have to say I'm bummed about Don's.  And I hope he can survive.  I still buy most of my supplies from him and fair amount of cards.  But like anyone I'm a frugal shopper and will go to the lowest prices.

Comments? Criticism?

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