Friday, February 3, 2012

2nd Annual Almost the Easiest Super Bowl Contest Finals!!!!!

Here we are only a couple days left till the Super Bowl.  Wow it seems like I started this contest a long time ago. Now come to think of it I did.  And of course I wanted to remind all you guys that it's going on.  It's been an interesting run up to the big game.  I'm having a hard time picking who to root for.  I have a stronger dislike of the Giants this year since they beat my team again to get to the Super Bowl just like in 2008.  I'm not a Pat's fan although I really have no reason to hate them.  I think Tom Brady's a great quarterback.  But this year I'm having a hard time deciding who I think will win too.  In 2008 the Patriots were juggernauts. Steaming to a perfect season seemingly unstoppable.  And then the Giants became the Giant killers and did the seemingly impossible.  It was hard for me not to root for the underdog.  This year it's a little different.  While the Giants had a fairly lackluster season they pulled it together at the right time, kinda like the Packers did last year.  And with a little luck and skill have set the stage where it almost looks like they should be favorites in this game not the Pat's.  Especially with New England's defense. But any given Sunday.  I don't know if it'll be the roller coaster the 2008 Super Bowl was, but I'll be watching, and if it gets boring there's always the commercials.  OK back to the contest!

We have 4 contestants that have a team still in it to win it, but if the Giants pull it out again this year, we have 9 that could take home the prize, as no one picked the Giants to win.

You'll remember I asked you to pick the winner.  That was it. Of course I need some tie breakers and so I asked you to guess who the opponent would be, total combined points in the game, and total turnovers.  That being said if the Giants win we have to move to the tie breakers and then onto total points and it's possible but highly unlikely that we'd have to go to the total TO's.

So here are who's left and their guesses.

Spankee - Patriots over Saints, 60 points, 3 TO's 

Skroeker - Patriots over Packers, 56 points, 3 TO's

SpastikMoose - Patriots over Saints, 45 points, 5 TO's

Josh D. - Patriots over Packers, 61 points, 1 TO  

and here we have the players that are back in it if the Pat's lose!!

The Diamond King - Packers over New England, 69 points, 2 TO's 

Colbey - Saints over Patriots, 54 points, 1 TO's 

The Dimwit - Saints over Patriots, 63 points, 3 TO's 

Mariner1 - Saints over Patriots, 72 points, 1 TO 

Matt - 49ers over Patriots, 73 points, 5 TO's

Kyle4KC - Packers over Patriots, 54 points, 3 TO's, pimp 

dkwilson - Packers over Patriots, 59 points, 2 TO's

Play at the Plate - Saints over Patriots, 73 points, 3 TO, and 36 pass-interference calls.

Fuji -  Packers over Patriots, 73 points, 4 TO's

Lest you forget what you where playing for here are the prizes again.

1st Place - Sweet sweet vintage.

And I just look through these cards again and while I didn't see any superstars, they are all in really great shape, dare I say near mint?  Probably not, but I'll let the winner judge, plus I'm throwing in some cards from you favorite team I have laying around.  Who knows what I'll find.

2nd Place - Last years door prize that was never claimed.

Is this prize better than the 1st place prize?  Maybe. I really liked last years Prime.  I only bought a couple of packs this year, but I pulled some nice stuff from it last year.  A great quad patch with 4 great rookies.  Gronk is the stand out here having a great year.  And who knows what's going to happen with Adrian Peterson, Gerhart could see a lot more playing time next year.  I had even thought about keeping this card before I put it back in the contest, but I planned on giving this away last year and well I want to keep my good karma.  It does book high at 20 bucks so hopefully someone will enjoy this.

And finally the Door Prize, just for stopping in.

A beautiful dual relic of Joe Flacco and Derrick Mason from 2010 Prestige #d to 250.  The Flacco piece has some great texture.  This one will be randomed off after the Super Bowl.  Everybody that entered was a follower or became a follower so you all got 2 entries that way and I think I had 4 people pimp the contest so they got an extra entry for that as well.  So there will be about 64 entries to go into's randomizer. 

Thanks again to all 30 of you who participated.  And stay tuned I think I'm planning a Stanley Cup contest and maybe even a NBA Championship contest come playoff time.

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