Monday, February 13, 2012

Did anyone collect the 2009 Upper Deck Baseball set?

If you did and you have few extras laying around I'd love to make a trade. I'm trying to make a push to finish off a few sets so I can take some needs off my need list and move the set box from the active building shelf to the completed shelf.

I'm 8, yes just 8 cards away from finishing the 1000+ card set that was/is 2009 Upper Deck Baseball.

Here's the cards I need.  Red=in trade.  Green = Got it.

261 Derek Jeter
320 Josh Bard
403 Jon Niese
406 Mark Saccomanno
422 Greg Golson
487 Dustin Pedoria CL
780 Jose Molina
946 Colby Rasmus

I realize that there's Jeter card in there and a couple of rookies. But I'll make it worth your wile. 

I also have tons of extras on almost every set from my need list, so take a gander.  I'm sure I can fill some holes as well.  


  1. I have 320 and 406 for you. I'll check your other lists and see what I can come up with.
    Shoot me your address in the meantime....

  2. I've found 11 more cards from your wantlists in the hockey section, I'll hit up football and baseball next... probably tomorrow.

  3. I coul possibly have Bard and Pedroia in my Sox doubles. Hopefully I can remember this post and check it when I get home. You might send me an email if you dont hear from me cause that means I forgot to check.

  4. I've got #780 Molina, #19 A-Rod from 2010 Heritage, #107 Martinez from 2009 Topps T-206 and 4 Brewers from your 90's Brewers wantlist. Drop me a line at steven dot drennen at gmail dot com if you're interested.