Monday, November 17, 2014

A one sided trade with Tony L.

You all know Tony L by now. He writes the Brewercentric blog Off Hiatus Baseball Cards.  He came screaming onto the scene earlier this year, with his blog all shiny and new, with passion and excitement and posts.  Man that guys posts.  Go check it out HERE.  He started in February and already has posted over 240 times!! My god I wish I still had that drive.  I look at my sideboard and I'll be lucky if I put out 100 posts on this blog this year.

But it's nice to see another like minded collector, lover of the Brewers and their players, especially Robin Yount.  It's been lonely since Brian over at Thorzul Will Rule went almost exclusively to Twitter. And it seems like all the other Wisconsin team themed blogs have all pretty much died out.

Anyway, chances are if you read my blog, you probably read his, and if you read his, chances are you've traded with him.  Seriously seems like every other trade post is one with a trade with Tony.  That guy is everywhere.  Well now I get to do one too.

Tony is a regular commentator on my Yount blog.  Which is great because it's nice to have someone comment.  He asked if I had a 1982 Brewers Police set.  I did not and now I do. I still have to reciprocate.

Now Brewers Police sets are an interesting thing. This 1982 set is the first in what would be come a tradition in Wisconsin.  As a kid growing up I didn't spend a lot of time in Wisconsin as my father was in the military, but almost every summer he would take his 30 days leave and we'd head back to northern Wisconsin for vacation. That also usually meant we were in town for the 4th of July parade and it was during the parade that the local police officers would pass out these cards.  Each town had there own imprint on the card.   This set was given out by the Milwaukee Police department, but you can find 100's of town variations.

A couple things about the police issues.  They are oversized. Which sadly makes them hard to display and store.  It's a big set, 30 players this year.  The cards are unnumbered, but depending on where you look them up they are either listed by player number, which is how they are checklisted on the team card below or are listed alphabetically.

And just about everyone is in the set. But t most of the value comes from just 3 players. Robin, Rollie, and Mollie.

All the backs feature something that player "says".

Thanks Tony. Great cards and I hope to get you back soon.


  1. Glad you got these cards! I went to the first baseball card day back in 1982, and going to that game in early to mid-May to get the complete card set was an annual ritual through at least 1988 for my mom, me, and at least one of my brothers.

    I also like how the Coaches are just nameless guys who speak with one voice as "Coaches".

  2. Man, what a great set! Like you said, Yount, Rollie, Molitor... what more do you really need? And those 80s Brewers uniforms are THE BEST! This set is a gem!

  3. The team must have printed a ton of these sets because almost all of them can still be had for peanuts. It's a pity they didn't actually list the coaches on that card.

    I wish more teams still did sets like this.

  4. I think that Kevin Bass card is his only other card in a Brewers uniform other than his 79 rookie card.

  5. Ahh, that takes me back. I can still remember the days of running up to parked police cars shouting "baseball cards!" :)