Saturday, November 29, 2014

An unexpected hobby box of Topps Prime Football

I stopped in to Don's Sportcards the other day after having lunch with the wife in the restaurant next door.  I love picking up cheap cards off his drop board and was surprised to see a great stack of boxes all marked down to great prices.  I knew I was walking out of there with a box, but I had to decide which one.  I could have picked up a cheap box of Stadium Club, Bowman Chrome, Panini Rookies and Stars.  In the end I grabbed a hobby box of Topps Prime.  I think Topps Prime is one of my favorite football sets.  It's just a well done set that reminds me of the glory days of great Stadium Club and Upper Deck football sets.

This year was the first year that both retail and hobby were printed on the same card stock.  Before hobby has printed on a thicker card stock than the retail version.  That meant if you wanted to put a set together you had to choose which product you wanted to buy other wise you had a mismash of thick and thin cards in your set.

Over the years I've pulled some great cards from Prime and I figured the price was right and I did want to build this years set.

The first thing I noticed was how few parallels and inserts are in this set.  I only pulled 3 gold foil parallels, one numbered rookie.  And there were only two inserts Prime Time and Prime Rookies.

I won't bore you with all the fluff or the inserts, I'll just give you the hits, because really that's why you're here.  Each hobby box comes with 4 hits.  With at least 2 autos.

First up is the Allen Robinson quad prime relic numbered to #75.  Allen isn't having too bad of a rookie year with 2 TD's and about 550 yards so far.  Plus I love the lover right patch with the threads sticking out.

But over all this was a Giants box for sure.  Next up we have a quad relic auto of Andre Williams. Not a bad designed card, but the relics are kind of boring.  This rookie from Boston College isn't having a bad year either with over 370 yards and 5 TD's.

Of course I bought this box before Odell's insane catch last week that's been a little ridiculous in the marketing that's followed, but hey good for the kid.  It's a nice relic card, it just seems like the relic is really small for this card.

And if one Odell Beckham card wasn't enough I also pulled this lovely relic, which has been redeemed.
Over all not a bad box, especially with all the attention that Odell's been getting have to see if he can keep it up.  I would have preferred a veteran player auto or relic or at least a Packer in my box, but what can you do.


  1. I've noticed several Topps football products with smaller-than-usual relics in them lately. I wonder if they plan to stop releasing NFL products once they lost the license to produce official cards and are trying to make the memorabilia they have on hand last through the end of their planned releases.

  2. Perfect timing on the Beckham pulls... that catch was insane.