Wednesday, December 3, 2014

2014 Topps High Tek and Dynasty - what's a poor boy to do?

I've been putting together my checklists for my Brewers team sets and my Yount collection on their respective blogs and thought I'd share some thoughts on the two new high end releases that were officially released today.

First up Dynasty is all over ebay right now.  I'm sure the guys who bought cases of this are praying they can get a fraction of their money back. One card per box, really? But people are buying this and supposedly it sold out, so I guess that's just more incentive for Topps to keep crap like this up.  That being said boxes on Blowout are going for about $370 bucks so you can expect to probably pay $400 or more in hobby shops, I just can't see getting back your investment with this product. And I'll be damned if I'm paying $400 for a Yount auto relic.  The cards look nice, but it's still just another low numbered baseball card.  Plus there's no good checklist for the set either. I know from looking around ebay that players have multiple cards numbered to just 10 and a gold ink 1 of 1 parallel, but I'm not sure how many cards per player.  They highest card number I've seen listed was up to 8, so maybe 10 per player?  Kind of like what Topps did with Sterling.

Next up we have High Tek.  About $60  an 8 card box.  Terrible configuration on a product that's got so many parallels and variations it boggles the mind.  I figure that each player has at least 144 base cards counting everything, including the 1 of 1's and printing plates.  With that being said I'm excited to see a couple of my player collections being represented, especially Robin Yount.  Looks like I'll be hunting Tek cards down for him for decades.  The other problem with High Tek is there is no pattern numbering on the cards all cards.  Even the autos are labeled HT-then the players initials.  No pattern or design number like the sets from the 90's.  Another issue is I know that each player has 12 design variations, but I'm not sure if they are all the same within the set.  What I mean by that is that the 90's sets had lots of designs, but not all were used on each player.  And I'm unsure if the autograph cards just have parallels or are there design variations within those per player too?  Who knows? I guess we have the coming weeks, months, and years to bitch about it and find out.

Here are some Yount cards I found up already.
Card sold for $799


  1. I'm curious to see some Topps Dynasty. I saw Honus Wagner has a cut auto. Thankfully the main set only features Gregory Polanco for the Pirates.

  2. Topps Dynasty Is a HUGE hit or miss. Topps Tek (I think) looks really cool, and has a pretty strong checklist. The only time (If I ever do) I'll buy a box of Dynasty is if it goes below $250. You may be lucky enough to snag a box for $280. Yet again, singles is the way to go!