Friday, December 5, 2014

What I did on Black Friday

Well we are a week removed from the biggest shopping day of the year.  What did I do?  I took off work and stayed home with my son.  Oh and I did my annual COMC Black Friday order.  I ended up getting my card yesterday.  I was surprised how fast COMC was able to process, complete, and ship my order on what is their biggest promotion of the year.  I also didn't spend a dime of my own money.  I have been completing challanges on the website for months and saving my money up especially for this event.  Well mostly.  All in all I think I amassed about $45 dollars in store credit.

That netted me 26 new cards.  It breaks down to 20 new Robin Yount cards from my collection.  Which I will showcase on the Yount Collector. I also picked up 4 new Rollie Fingers cards, 2 of which helped fill holes in my 70's cards.  Those will be showcased on the Rollie Fingers Collector.

I know what your saying, but CB what the hell are you going to show us then?  Well if your keeping count I still have 2 cards yet unaccounted for.

After I opened my 1996 Leaf Preferred pack I got from Collector Crate I looked to see who else was on the Steel card inserts checklist.

I couldn't resist picking up the two players on the checklist I collect.

I think I spent a whole dollar for both cards and while I prefer my Molitor cards with him in a Brewers uniform, I'll take it. I really like these cards.  That's what I love about a lot of the stuff that came out of the late 90's so much innovation and imagination.  These cards also come with a couple parallels, a gold version and a numbered Power version.

Anybody else have fun on Black Friday?


  1. I was flying out of the Badger State on Black Friday (as I tend to do often...get out the day after Thanksgiving) so I didn't do any shopping. Oops.

  2. I went crazy on Dave & Adams. They had some crazy good deals. Nice pickups on COMC!

    1. I saw. I can't wait to see what you pulled from those donruss boxes. I think that might have been one of funnest breaks this year. Other than the fact I didn't get my two autos, which Panini took care of. Hard to pass up boxes with 3 hits, 2 guaranteed autos for the price of a box of Score.

    2. My goal is to post some of the highlights of my Donruss breaks tonight. Let's just say my Pirates hot streak continued!

  3. I added some stuff to my COMC stash and got crazy on DA as well, including a box of Stadium Club. Posts coming when the cards do. Love the Big Frank.

  4. I picked up some cards on comc, but haven't gotten my cards yet.

  5. I actually had a harder time finding deals on COMC than in years past. It seemed like none of the big sellers were slashing prices much, and most of the 300-some cards in my watch list were maybe reduced 5-10%, which wasn't enough to get me to bite. I did find some great deals - it just took a little more searching than in the past.

    I wonder if COMC is processing smaller orders first - neither of my two 100 card orders have shipped yet.