Thursday, December 4, 2014

What other people collect ...cereal boxes.

I figured I'd share this. I was putting together a post for the Yount Collector on 1989 Cap'n Crunch cards and started looking for an image of the box to see how they were distributed.  I ended up coming across a cool little blog about cereal box collecting and a price guide.

And while I don't have any desire to collect the actual boxes there is some over lap with card collectors especially when it comes to the old food issues.

And of course Wheaties boxes tend to have a general following with all the sports figures used on the fronts.

While Steven is pretty much done with the blog as it was a stand alone project he has hundreds of images and would probably answer any questions you have on the hobby.

You can find the blog here at the Cereal Box Price Guide.


  1. Why not collect cereal boxes? I think that is the real question here.

  2. I'd collect the boxes if they had a Brewer on them. I love oddballs like that.