Friday, December 12, 2014

Brick Loot the Unboxing!!

I posted this over at my Legocentric blog The Minifigure Collector, but since I'm not sure how much overlap I get I figured I'd post it here too to see if anyone was interested in this sort of thing..enjoy.

So I had done a nice unboxing video, but for the life of me I can't get it to load to Blogger (because the files too big) and YouTube says it's going to take half a day to upload a 3 minute video, so as much as I would have loved to enter Brick Loots Mega Brick contest it probably ain't going to happen. But I might give it another go when I have more time.

But I hadn't seen any Brick Loot unboxings on the regular blogs so I figured I'd do a quick unpacking for those curious.

So you can see you get a wide assortment of stuff.  There is a nice little flyer with a write up off all of this months partners

A code for 25% off Vinyl is your Friend.

A code for 40% Lego books at
A sheet of brick stickers, I'm not sure if these are from Vinyl is your Friend or not.
A Brick Popper! This will be a most welcome addition to the bulk Lego bin.

A Liteup Block sample. They also have light up lightsabers !!! Check out the website!


A S.T.A.R. Patrol Accessory pack
Looks like great detail.
A custom Oyo Sports Brick Loot figure!

A custom build designed by JK Brickworks with what looks like about 40 actual Lego pieces.

And a full set of nanoblocks!!  I'm not a big fan of nanoblocks.  Mainly because they're not compatible with other full size building blocks, but I am a big fan of WWII warbirds.

I'll be featuring a lot of the stuff from the box in separate posts later, but lets see what kind of value I got in the box.

Total cost for the box $33, $27 plus $6 shipping.
Decals - hard to put a price on the stickers, but lets say a $1
Brick Popper - These are $7.99 with free shipping on Amazon right now.
Liteup Block - $2.50 on their website
Brick Forge Accessory Pack - $6.00 on their website
Oyo Sports custom figure - No clue, but fully licensed MLB and NFL Oyos go for about $15 so let's say $10
JK Brickworks custom build pack- JK Brickworks doens't have a shop, so lets say that there is about $3 worth of legos in the pack?  Maybe a little more.
Nanoblock P-51 Mustang kit. - On the Nanoblock website this set sells for about $45, you can find them on Amazon for about $24 delivered.
So even if I bought everything at the cheapest I could find it I got about $55 dollars worth of stuff.  That doesn't include shipping for things like the Brick Forge pack and the Lite Up Block.  So I have to say it was a great box. And it delivered great value for my dollar for sure.

A couple of things. I really would have rather had a Lego Minifigure than an Oyo, but since this is actually my first Oyo of any kind I'll take it.

I also would have rather had a small Lego set rather than the Nanoblock set, but again that's just because it's incompatible with my other full size bricks.  On the other hand this is my first Nanoblock set and it features a theme I really like.

Overall I'm really happy with the box.  My two complaints are minor, probably less than minor, considering that I got to open and try out two products I probably would not have bought or tried out otherwise.

I won't be ordering another box right now as money is getting tight around the holidays, but this would be a great once in a while purchase.

And it looks like Brick Loot has competition with another Brick themed subscription service, Brick Swag. Looks like these guys started up about August or September this year, but price are the about the same.  Actually when Brick Swag's free shipping promotion is done it'll be dollar more expensive with shipping.

Well there you go.  That's what was in my box.


  1. Sounds fun! I used to love nanoblocks, but I would always loose all the pieces and get so frustrated when something would fall apart.

  2. I've been on the fence about these things...