Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2014 Panini National Treasures

Panini has been posting all sorts of sneek peaks of the new National Treasures baseball.  You can see their full post here with a ton of photos.

Overall the cards look great even without the logos.  All the autos are on card and some of the relics are pretty awesome.  Still does that justify a $400+ price tag?  

It's nice to see that at least one Brewers rookie in the mix.  I'm hoping I can do what I did when Immaculate came out and pick some of these up for super cheap.  

All photos borrowed for the Knights Lance.

The set is loaded with stars, prospects and Hall of Famers.  I'm hoping Robin Yount makes it into the set as well.  Not that I have hopes of picking up one of his cards, but I do like to see him included.
 My favorite cards from the set are the these die-cut sweet spot signature cards.  They also feature a nice butt shot for the ladies.

And for those of you craving a Charlie Hustle fix, Pete Rose if featured in the set as well.

As much as I bitch about the cards companies putting out too much high end stuff, I do love it when the big stuff comes out.  I love watching the breaks on YouTube.  The awesome hits and the terrible boxes.  Even if I had the means, I doubt I'd ever open a high end product like this.  I'd much rather pick up the cards I wanted on the secondary market.  Still haven't seen a checklist for the set, but you can rest assured there's probably a little something for everybody.  Anybody think they'll actually spring for a box of this?


  1. Probably a lot better than Dynasty. I actually hate the sweet spot die cuts, I think they look awful! As of now, I'll stick to Topps.

  2. I like the die-cut autos, but I can't say the booty on display does anything for me. I guess it helps to hide the lack of logos. I probably wouldn't pay for a box of this stuff, or really any high-end stuff. There is too much risk per dollar for my taste.