Thursday, December 11, 2014

Topps Binders - I kinda like the idea

This is not breaking news.  Topps has been offering binders for certain sets for a couple years now.  It's an idea I really like.  As a set collector, but one who tends to store his sets in boxes, I envy those of you who have room to put your sets in pages and binders, because to truly enjoy the set it should be easily accessible.

I have to say I love the graphics on the binder, I'm not sure how well these would hold up to other brands, but the uniqueness of storing your set in a binder specifically made for it is appealing.  I'm not a fan of the price tag, $19.99, although Topps was offering this year's binders for $13.99 during their Black Friday sale and free shipping, I'm sure just not to Alaska. 

Anyone ever buy one and use it?  I'd probably be more prone to buying one if I saw it available at my LCS, but most of these are currently only available on the Topps website.


  1. I bought the binders for the My Little Pony sets I put together and the binders for some of the Cryptozoic DC comic book sets I built, but I hadn't considered ordering the binders for sports cards. I don't really have a reason behind it, but I am more likely to buy a binder for a non-sport property than I am to buy one for sports cards.

  2. I bought the 2013 Baseball. I like it, it seems solid. Of course it has Prince Fielder on the cover though.

    The better part of buying it was this - a few months later, Topps sent me a e-coupon for 50% off up to $100 in merchandise on their website, to get my business back. I used it to pick up several of their "Wall Art" products that I have wanted, and probably wouldn't buy otherwise. That was lucky too, because the one I wanted most turned out to be a limited edition that sold out a few days later. (They produce a lot of such things now, but others I think might be printed to order and you can get many iconic 70s and 80s cards printed poster size on heavy stock).

  3. Kinda like the idea, too, but not enough to stop buying my binders from the dollar store.

  4. I ordered one of the A&G binders a few years ago. They are really nice, they have a puffed up, padded like surface. Downsize is this can be ripped or even dented if you aren't careful. It is a nice way to store your set, but I'm sticking with using a 5 inch binder where I can fit multiple years of A&G in one place.

  5. my gosh, I am desperately trying to find 15 more of the Football 2011 Topps binders, w mark sanchez of jets on the cover. I am doing the 2011 master set, 314-202-9094 if anyone has any, ill pay double ur cost