Tuesday, November 18, 2014

COMC announces it's Black Friday Promotion

Once again COMC, aka Check out My Cards, is offering a Black Friday promotion.  This is always one of it's biggest promotions of the year and if you've got some store credit or a little extra money burning a  hole in your pocket it's a great time to find some awesome deals.

That being said it's nothing really mind blowing.  They are offering free shipping once again on orders over 10 cards.  This year they are giving away $10,000 worth of shopping sprees.  And if you ship over 100 items you get a $5 store credit.  Plus sellers tend to offer big discounts to move cards this time of year and I always come away with a decent haul.

You can check out the full announcement on their blog HERE.


  1. To bad they don't give you free shipping on the stuff you already bought and haven't bothered to ship yet.

    1. They might. I think if you bought cards with their .25 cent handling fee already tacked on it counts. I think.