Monday, November 10, 2014

Just think how the guy feels....

Let's do a little thought experiment.  Lets say you get off of work and you just got paid.  You head on down to your local card shop and peruse the shelves.  You spot a box of that new Topps Supreme baseball.  Sure the seasons over, but I hear those cards are nice. So you plop down your 80 or 90 bucks whatever it's going for there. You're so excited that you decide to open the box there, because the shop owner and the two other guys looking though the dime boxes want to see what you got.

You open the box and inside is a small gold foil packet.  You open the pack and the first of your two cards you get in that box is this one.  It's a snazzy auto of Milwaukee Brewers up and coming shortstop Jean Segura.  Bah you say and quickly list it on ebay. Where I promptly win it with a whopping bid of $2.58.  Yikes, I sure hope the other card was a Cal Ripken autographed laundry tag printing plate 1 of 1.

However I'm very happy with my new card. Even if it's a sticker auto.  

This is why I don't bust high end products.


  1. Seriously. I'll let that first guy take the loss. Of course, I wish I had seen this auction too! Great card.

  2. No reason to open Supreme. You are guaranteed to be disappointed when you open a box. You could take the $80 and probably get all the good Brewer cards minus the 1 of 1's. Great deal for you!

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