Sunday, January 18, 2015

5th Annual Almost the Easiest Super Bowl Contest on the Web - Conference Championship Round-up

Wow I'm still a little in shock from the Green Bay - Seattle game.  And it would have been nice if the Colts had shown up.

Anyways lets see who's going to the final round.

Superduperman99 - New England over Dallas, 48 points, 2 field goals
Robert - New England over Green Bay, 61 points, 4 FGs.
Tony L. - Green Bay over Pittsburgh, 47 points, 4 FGs.
Fuji - Seattle Seahawks over New England Patriots, 57 points, 5 field goals
Josh D - Seattle over Denver - 45 points. 1 FG.
Corky - Seattle over Indianapolis- 49 points- 3 FGs
irondequoit36 - Seattle over Steelers 51pts , 4 FG's
Wilson - Seattle over New England, 45 points, 4 FGs - pimp
The Junior Junkie - Colts over Cowboys, 47 points, 5 field goals.
Matthew Scott - Green Bay over Patriots. 52 pts..1 field goal
Red Cardboard - Seattle over New England. 40 points. 4 FG
Lonestarr - Seattle over New England ~ (27-21) 48 points ~ 2 FG
DaddyMike - Packers over Patriots, 55 points, 2 field goals
Bo - Seattle over New England, 45 points, 1 FG. - pimp
David - Packers over Steelers, 34 points, 4 field goals.
Keith G - Green Bay over New England 60 points 3 field goals
Milwaukee Southpaw - Green Bay over Denver, 52 points, 4 field goals.
Alex Markle - Colts over Cowboys, 41 points, 2 field goals
Jesus Hernandez - New England over Dallas, 56 points, 5 field goals
The Angels In Order - New England over Dallas, 30 points, 3 FG.

We had 12 players make it to the Super Bowl round.  I think that might be a record.  And if Seattle pulls this out and wins again we'll have 5 people who correctly picked the match-up.

While I did only ask for the winner the first tie breaker,  the opponent does rank highest, so that means Josh D, Corky, and Irondequoit36 are essentially out.  The remaining 5 will have to go to total points.

That being said noone who picked the Pats correctly picked them to be match up against Seattle so if they win we'll have to move to total points too.  No worries about going over, closest wins up or down.  And if we have a tie there we'll go to the field goals.  And if for some reason we get a tie there as well. Well I guess I just have to have decide.  I don't think we've ever had to go to the final tie breaker so I think we're safe.

Alright I won't bug you anymore with the contest till after the Super Bowl and I announce the winners.

cb out.

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