Saturday, January 31, 2015

Almost the Easiest Super Bowl Contest on the Web 5 - Pre-game warm up

Well here we go!  I'm still a little pissed that my Packers aren't in the big game, but the team has no one to blame but themselves.  I was torn on who I was going to root for.  Right after the NFC Championship I was sure I wasn't going to root for the Seahawks, but now with all the deflate-gate, I really hate the use of the term gate to mean a scandal, I'm not sure who I want to win.

But in all fairness to the Seahawks fans.  Enjoy the moment, you deserve it.  As bitter as I am that the Packers didn't make it. I can't say the Seahawks didn't try to let them have it and in the end the Seahawks won, although you'll have to admit they did have a little luck.

This year we had 12 players make it to the final round of the contest.  All I asked was which team was going to win and we can see by the number of people that pick the final two teams that we needed the tie breaks, we'll have to see how many of them after the game.  But that also means that of the 8 people who picked the Seahawks, 3 are already out, because the other 5 correctly picked the opponent, that might be the most surprising thing.  Of the 5 guys that picked the Patriots to win none picked the Seahawks as their opponent, so no matter who wins we'll have to go to the 2nd tie breaker, total points.

Here are the final 12 and their picks

Superduperman99 - New England over Dallas, 48 points, 2 field goals
Robert - New England over Green Bay, 61 points, 4 FGs.
Fuji - Seattle Seahawks over New England Patriots, 57 points, 5 field goals
Josh D - Seattle over Denver - 45 points. 1 FG.
Corky - Seattle over Indianapolis- 49 points- 3 FGs
irondequoit36 - Seattle over Steelers 51pts , 4 FG's
Wilson - Seattle over New England, 45 points, 4 FGs - pimp
Red Cardboard - Seattle over New England. 40 points. 4 FG
Lonestarr - Seattle over New England ~ (27-21) 48 points ~ 2 FG
Bo - Seattle over New England, 45 points, 1 FG. - pimp
Jesus Hernandez - New England over Dallas, 56 points, 5 field goals
The Angels In Order - New England over Dallas, 30 points, 3 FG.

Alright I'll announce the winner and door prize winner after the game.

Thanks again everyone who played.

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  1. If the Super Bowl was 57 minutes long I would have had all three tie-breakers exactly.