Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My favorite card of the year 2014.

I've ripped a lot of packs, sorted through thousands of cards, and flipped though the dime boxes this year, but one card that I pulled stood out. 

I'm not a Lions fan or a Megatron fan, but this card just kind of blew me away.  It epitomized what I think professional football is and how it should be played. And it also shows how good Topps photography is sometimes.

We can even date the card.  Thanks to Cary Williams sharing the card and looking back thought the 2013 Lions schedule I can say that this was the December 8th game played in Philly. The weather was bad which made for some great football and a great picture.

Oh and the Eagles won the game 34-20.

Anyone else have a favorite from last year?


  1. NIce post
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    Just kidding. Excellent card! I just went and picked up a copy on COMC. That was a great game.