Friday, January 9, 2015

I'll see your oddball set and raise you....

Strike Force!!

I picked this up at Don's not too long ago.  Don is still going through a huge collection from a friend you use to own a card shop in the 90's and I love stopping in and seeing what oddball stuff pops up.
When I saw this I new it was coming home with me.  What is Strike Force?  Why it's the first trading card set of a women's professional sport!  Says so right on the back of the box.  Strike Force is a 64 card box set featuring all the stars of the LPBT, that's the  Ladies Pro Bowler Tour.

I was surprised to see that the Trading Card Database didn't have this gem already listed, so I added it and the checklist.  Here's the checklist card if your looking for someone in particular.

It's not surprising this set was made.  The nineties were a card bonanza and everyone threw their hat in the ring.  I also remember when pro bowling was on TV pretty regularly.  The best thing about the set is that the original price tag was still on it.  This set was marked for $12.  I paid significantly less to add this to my oddball museum

Over all the design is pretty decent.  The photography leaves a little to be desired, but bowling alleys really weren't made for quality photo taking. I won't make you suffer though all 64 cards, but I've picked out some good representative one's for you.
 The backs are chalked full of information.  And there are a bunch of sub sets within the set.  Like the Marion Ladewig HOF card.

 There are also clearly marked rookie cards.  Way before  it's time.  Oh man look at the hair!

 Here's Lisa Wagner's Bowler of the Decade card.

 And Dana Miller-Mackie's US Open Champion card.

Man this is great oddball set.  I'd love to know if anyone else has found anything odder out there.


  1. I have the 100 card Kingpins set from 1990. I also have a set(s) of Saturday Evening Post cards.

  2. This is the oddest set I've ever seen! Funny how old 90s fashion already appears!