Wednesday, March 29, 2017

30 Day Baseball Card Challenge - Day 2

Day 2: A card with more than one player on it.

This one was a little tougher.  Tony's Challenge really didn't have any rules stating the card had to be in my collection.  But I ended up picking one that was.  As a Robin Yount supercollector I have a feeling a lot of my picks will feature Robin, but this one also features all his 1999 HOF induction classmates.  The 1999 HOF class was solid.  With Robin Yount, George Brett, Nolan Ryan, and Orlando Cepeda.  And I love cards like this that feature that class.  

So my pick for Day 2 is the 2014 Panini Golden Age Star Stamps #26.


  1. I'm trying to complete the non auto/relic master collection of all the Golden Age releases. There are FAR TOO many of these stickers, but I still love the concept of them.

  2. I've never seen these before today. I guess I do believe in love at first sight. These are awesome!

  3. I haven't seen these before either...great choice for the day's challenge.