Friday, April 14, 2017

30 Day Baseball Card Challange - Day 9: Favorite card from the 1950s

Day 9: One of your favorite cards from the 1950s.

I'll be honest I don't own a ton of cards from the 1950's and I'm not even sure what I have from that era, but the rules don't say I have to own the card I post about so here you go.

Warren Spahn's beautiful 1953 Red Man card.  I don't go out of my way to collect Milwaukee Braves cards.  But when I do run across them I pick them up.  I don't currently own any cards from any of the Red Man sets, but maybe someday in the future that will change and Mr. Spahn would be high on the list of cards I'd like to add to my collection.  Just a beautiful set.


  1. This has to be the last or close to the last tobacco to see it was based out of Toledo, a place I've spent some time in.

  2. I'd love to one day own a 52 or 53 Red Man card. They're absolutely gorgeous.