Saturday, April 22, 2017

30 Day Baseball Card Challenge Day 11

Day 11: One of your Favorite Cards from the 1970's.

I've been holding off till now to present, what should come as no surprise, my favorite 1970's baseball card.  But also one of my favorite cards from my all time favorite baseball player Robin Yount.

Robin Yount's 1975 Topps Rookie card.

I've got a few rookies now, but my most memorable will always be the first one I ever picked up.  I was a high school kid going to a DoDDs school in Berlin, Germany.  The American Sector of Berlin was interesting, as there was no central base, but many different compounds, called kaserns, spread around the sector.  My father actually worked on one of Hitler's old bases and I can remember swimming in the pool on Andrews kasern.  One of the Air Force kaserns, was called McNair, and bunch of the air force guys would put on a card show every couple months.  I met a really nice baseball card collector who lived at the McNair kasern and chatted him up and told him I was a big Brewers and Robin Yount fan.  He excused himself and a few minutes later he had a Robin Yount rookie to show me and offered it up.  It was no where near mint, but at the time, early 90's, Robin's rookie card was still commanding close to $200.  We negotiated and I ended up picking this guy up for about $45 bucks.  Which at the time was kind of crazy money for me, I did have a job though.  But picking up Robin's rookie card, which had been my white whale at the time, was huge.  And while I've picked up higher grade cards since then, that first Yount rookie, which I still have, is my favorite.

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  1. Love this card. I have the mini version still in a 1" lucite. It was one of my first big $$$ purchases when I was a kid.